The law office of Jan Atwill serves clients across the state of Oregon. We fight against denials of short-term and long-term disability benefits or medical benefits, and assist with appeals of those matters or representation in court. Jan Atwill has worked on many successful benefit claims over the years.  She has substantial experience with insurance companies and retirement plans.  She began practicing law in 1989, and has worked with different law firms in the Portland area, for over eighteen years.  

Our office also advises on dividing retirement benefits due to divorce or separation. We prepare QDROs – “Qualified Domestic Relations Orders” – and consult on judgment language about these topics. Our rates are competitive.

Our team is committed to fairness and advancing your best interests.  We believe in making the legal process clear, affordable, and advantageous to you.  Providing the highest level of advocacy and individualized attention is our promise.  We are extremely dedicated to our clients, and our small law office and specialty focus allow us to achieve these goals and continued success. 

We understand that obtaining the insurance benefits and retirement benefits you deserve is paramount.  Let us partner with you and assist you in enforcing your rights and securing your economic interests.