We assist individuals dispute denials of disability and retirement benefits against private plans.  

Disability Benefits Are Often Unreasonably Denied:

Many people have short-term and long-term disability insurance through their employment.  They expect these benefits to come through when they need them, if they become sick, incapacitated and unable to work.  Yet, insurers repeatedly deny these benefits unreasonably.  

If you think that you have been wrongly denied disability or medical benefits, we encourage you to contact the law office of Jan Atwill to schedule a free consultation to discuss your claim.  We see each case as vitally important and work diligently to advocate your interests.  We know how to assert your strongest appeal and your best case, and have seen many successes. 

How does the process of a disability claim work?

We work on short-term and long-term disability claims, appeals of denials of disability and medical benefits, and litigation.  

  • Application – We can assist you in applying for disability benefits and medical coverage.  
  • Appeal of denials – We file appeals with the insurance company when claims are denied.  We know the arguments and evidence that often turns around the insurer’s decision so that you can gain your benefits.
  • Litigation – When the insurer denies an appeal, we are ready to take the case to court.  We file motions and argue the case to a judge, if necessary. We are experienced with how to build your strongest case, showing why your claim is valid and why your benefits should be granted.  Jan Atwill has worked on many successful cases.  Nothing pleases us more than reversing an unfair claims denial for our clients who so justly deserve the insurance benefits they earned.

How do you pay us when you often have become unable to work?

We take cases on an hourly fee arrangement, and can give you an estimate of what the process may cost.  We can also work out contingency fee arrangements in some cases (where you do not pay anything up front) or a mixed hourly and contingent fee arrangement (where you pay less up front).

Call us to discuss your claim in a free initial consultation.